Get Access to Hidden Camera High Definition Video Footage to See How to Pickup Beautiful Women with High Quality Critiques Explaining Exactly What to Do and Say So You Can Replicate

Discover Secrets on How to Step-By-Step Pickup Girls via LIVE Presentations, Highly Confidential Video Demonstrations, Interactive Exercises and Private Instructions from One of the World’s Most Famous and Successful Dating Coaches

From Alexander: The World Travelling Pick Up Obsessed Veteran Who Spent FOUR YEARS of Life Doing This…

Hey there Alexander here...

I’ve spent the past FOUR YEARS of my life with a team of cameramen following me around, recording my every move in high definition video and audio.

YES YOU READ THIS CORRECTLY. I’ve literally spent FOUR YEARS of my life recording “hidden camera” infield footage of myself doing live pickups. It’s insane.

I decided to do something this extreme (and invasive to my personal life) because I’ve been both DOING and TEACHING “cold approach pickup” nearly every weekend for the past seven years.

This is my craft and it means the world to me: I wanted to shock you out of your slumber and enlighten you to what’s possible when you make the decision to learn this stuff.

I’ve accumulated high definition video footage of myself in every possible scenario…

  • Openers compilations showing my most high octane, off the wall, and effective ways of comfortably starting conversations with beautiful women in every situation.
  • Rejections compilations and botched pickup attempts that reveal embarrassing mistakes nearly everyone makes which you want to avoid (these are hilarious…).
  • Hundreds of advanced secrets that have taken me years to figure out, for building and maintaining the type of “sex worthy guy” attraction that most guys never understand.
  • …and videos that reveal subtleties of how to handle practically every type of social situation you can possibly imagine.

There’s footage of me successfully picking up models and total stunners, as well as “girls next door” who are more down to earth.

Interactions with girls who are more “relationship quality” and worth connecting with, as well as crazy off the wall party girls who respond to wild stimulation and emotional roller coasters.

Most importantly, you’ll see both “highlight clips” to get hyper-focused on specific concepts, as well as entire interactions from “open to close”—to the point where you’ll be shocked and astounded that anything like this has ever been recorded.

The shots are “right up in the action” with high definition video and audio – literally full “1080p” so you can experience everything as if you were really there.

All this footage is the BASIS for a highly interactive LIVE EVENT—which includes live instructor breakdown and interactive exercises, to reveal how the most experienced guys THINK about success with women, as well as “hardwire” what you learn into your conscious and unconscious mind.

It’s called the “Alexander Hot Seat” – and it’s a FULL DAY experience that’s designed to exceed your expectations in every way.

(Check out this clip from one of the Hot Seat “beta test” pre-release events right now – all the videos throughout this site are very cool, but click on this one for sure…)

The 7 Years Of Experience That Went Into This Have Been Pretty Crazy To Say The Least…

My decision to create this live event was based on the fact that I’ve been doing cold approach pickup for the past decade: SEVEN FULL YEARS.

(That’s literally thousands upon thousands of hours of my life playing the game and figuring out how it works from top to bottom like a mad scientist…). And it’s been a crazy ride.

My first two years in the game were 2000 and 2001, which were basically just me walking around shopping malls and my school campus, awkwardly trying to figure out how to talk to girls.

Later from 2002 to 2004 I found the “pickup community” and discovered all sorts of crazy techniques to get better results—and I felt like I was the coolest man on the entire planet.

Then between 2005 and 2007 I spent a lot of time focusing less on “pickup techniques” and more on becoming CENTERED as a man—and how to attract women without having to use a lot of gimmicks or techniques (this was huge change in paradigm for me).

Finally in 2008 I was less active so that I could get the rest of my life in order, and then from 2009 to 2010 I went back into cold approach pickup with more commitment and intensity than I’ve ever done in my life.

Why did I go at it so HARDCORE in the past few years??

Because 7 years ago I had an “ideal vision” for what your experience of “the game” could be like if I got this mastered and shared it with you, and I was seeing signs that if I was persistent in learning more and more, it was within my reach to create something truly exceptional and outstanding.

I sensed that all these years of social experiments, trial and error, and wild experiences were culminating into something very special: something so shocking and astounding that it needed to be recorded as “LIVE INFIELD FOOTAGE” for you to immediately understand and apply in your life.

As A Newbie I Remember Wishing That Someone With A Lot Of Experience Would Just Bust The Damned Camera Out And FILM IT!!

Ultimately my main reason for creating this “Hot Seat” was a deeply personal one…

I remember as a “newbie” there were so few resources for you to learn this stuff. I’d wander the streets attempting bizarre pickup experiments on random girls, usually making an idiot out of myself again and again.

(Well actually I STILL make an idiot out of myself with girls every so often—but now it’s to be funny or crack up my buddies, not just sad and pathetic like back in the day.)

Funny enough you may not be aware of this, but I was first learning this stuff, I actually spent over a year travelling the world to meet any guy I could find who claimed to be good with girls, and was willing to show me how it was done.

Some were great and some were not so good, but back then we’d spend thousands of dollars on hotels and airfare, or even sleep on people’s floors and drive across the country for 15 hours a day, just to get a GLIMPSE of what guys who were “good in the field” looked like when they picked up girls.

(And usually we’d get like one little insight here, one little epiphany there...It was “slow going” to say the least.)

Now why did we extend ourselves like this and go to all this trouble??

On one level it was a crazy adventure (that’s obvious…). But more importantly it was worth it to us because we knew that if we could get the opportunity to SEE IT DONE, we’d have a shift in our own belief systems about what was possible between men and women, and we’d understand exactly what to do ourselves.

Anyway what’s crazy about this is that even though this was an awesome and fun period in my life, there was also ONE MAJOR FRUSTRATION that was the “elephant in the room” the entire time…:

“Why would NONE of these guys bust the damned camera and get it ON TAPE??”

The lack of “infield footage” was especially exasperating because I’d spent so many hours of my life reading pickup theory and watching seminars taught in conference rooms, and it was always: THEORY, THEORY, AND MOOOOORRRE THEORY.

I had countless file folders and documents with titles like “Openers” and “Attraction techniques” on the messy desktop of my laptop computer, and so much of my time was spent trying to INTERPRET the theory I was learning, imagining what it was supposed to look like in real life.

At that time in my development, if I could have just gotten to see a few LIVE VIDEOS, even crappy ones shot from across the room (let alone right up in the action and shot in high definition with perfect audio), it would have been like liquid gold.

(Seriously, I would have gone friggin’ NUTS!!)

Well After A Year Of Recording Myself – I Learned WHY The Best Guys Would Never Get Around To Recording Themselves On Video…

It’s Just DAMNED Annoying, It Risks Confrontation, And It’s Extremely Difficult To Get A Great Shot!!

It’s pretty funny how life works out sometimes, isn’t it?

It’s now been seven years since those frustrating days of being a clueless newbie who had no idea how to approach beautiful women, create attraction, and take things to the “next level”.

And one night a little over a year ago I was out at Hermosa Beach (a venue I rarely frequent in Los Angeles), and my buddy busted out a cheap flimsy camera and started recording me talking to girls.

(I was getting two girls to make out with each other just to joke around, and I guess he felt inclined to record it since they seemed like they wanted to show off…)

There wasn’t really anything that important or educational going on in that interaction, we were just screwing around and having fun—but the footage was super funny and hilarious to watch when I got home.

The same week I felt inspired to go out and buy a high definition video camera to see if I could capture something more valuable for my students, and I was absolutely blown away by how much the video technology had recently improved.

(The latest HD cameras have the ability to shoot in 1080 pixels, which looks better than the “Blueprint” seminar I spend over a hundred thousand dollars to record a few years ago….)

Anyway little did I know (and as I quickly discovered…), the reason most guys don’t take the time to record themselves doing live pickups is because it’s extremely annoying to capture a great shot on film—and obviously most guys who are “getting girls” aren’t exactly motivated to go through all the trouble.

The first few nights we kept getting kicked out of favorite venues, and literally PHYSICALLY ACCOSTED by large and scary bouncers in Hollywood who thought we were “paparazzi” trying to get shots of their famous clientele to sell to TMZ or US Magazine.

The hassles of wiring myself up with the microphones and having to be aware of whether or not the camera team I hired was getting the shot was also pretty disorienting, and it took me about a year to feel truly accustomed to having my every move recorded on film.

My life basically became a circus for a pretty long time, and my friends found it weird that I never left the house without my camera team in tow (I won’t even get into all the crazy incidents and nonsense I got into over the course of the year).

However the bottom line is that THE END RESULT WAS ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT.

With the passion I maintained for the project for over the course of the year (and the continual improvements and upgrades we made to our camera gear and recording techniques…), I wound up accumulating a literal treasure-trove of every type of “infield footage” you could possibly imagine.

I started showing small amounts of it on my live bootcamps, and students started getting better results than I’d ever seen in my life. It was obvious that something really profound was going on.

And finally, after all the long days and nights of filming and editing, I unveiled the ENTIRE DEAL at a few “pre-release” Hot Seat events … and the feedback about the benefits has since been absolutely raving and insane.

The Advantage Of Learning Directly From Infield Footage: You Immediately Absorb “Advanced Subtleties” That You Couldn’t Have Remotely Noticed Even In Real Life

What’s powerful about learning directly from up close and “in the action” videos of “big name instructors” successfully approaching, attracting, and taking interactions with women from open to close, is the following…:

1. You blatantly see that being “successful with women” from “random cold approach” is easy and absolutely possible for ANYONE: to the point that if your limiting-beliefs still exist afterwards, you would have to be completely nuts (so in other words it’s immediately transformative to your “inner game”).
2. You pick up on the FUN VIBE that guys who are successful with women have learned to carry with them: because once you’ve seen that the game is one of the most massively fun hobbies on earth, you become HYPER MOTIVATED to keep going out and improve.

…and then last and most importantly:
3. You discover “ultra hard to see subtleties” over and over on “instant replay” so that even if you’ve hung out with the best guys in real life, you’re discovering the most brain-melting subtleties about success with women you’ve remotely considered.

(Stuff so wild that you’ll literally know things about social interactions most social scientists are clueless about. Things that will change your perspective FOREVER….)

Now this last one probably sounds a little extreme, so let me explain.

The human brain is a very interesting machine indeed. When you learn how to ride a bike, for example, you unconsciously figure out all sorts of subtleties that you’re not even consciously aware of over several years.

(That’s why when you’re four years old you can barely stay upright, but by the time you’re 10 or 12 you can take jumps, hit corners really fast, do a “pop up wheely,” and all that fun stuff…)

Well when a guy has gone out and approached women for, let’s say, 3 years, or 5 years, or even SEVEN ENTIRE YEARS, there are subtleties that his unconscious mind has “figured out” that even HE isn’t able to articulate or be aware of.

This was my experience with seeing myself and my instructors on video: It was absolutely shocking what was revealed.

I saw examples of myself just decimating other guys, while at the time I thought I was being friendly. Literally I felt like I was being nice guy, but as I watched the “instant replay” I realized that my brain had used all sorts of subtle “frame control” that I’d never seen or heard of before to get the girl attracted to me and lose interest in him.

(It’s to the point that I’ve since stopped doing this, as I already have my own girlfriend and I felt a bit bad for the dude…)

Likewise I saw footage of instructors where they were using a sort of “outside the box” secret language that there was no “autopilot responses” to find objectionable, and this allowed the girls to feel more comfortable to ACT on the attraction they were already feeling (they actually appreciated it, because they like it when a guy they’re attracted to takes the lead…)

For example there was one clip where I was pulling a girl out of the car to make-out, and her mom was saying “Your boyfriend will be so mad!! Stop!! Close the door!!”

But as I pulled her out and we started making out (and she thrust her phone number on me), I was communicating on subtle levels without realizing it, like saying “I can’t close the door, I’m in the way of the door…” (as if he didn’t have a choice in the matter) or “I have to kiss Jessica goodbye…” (as if THEY were the ones holding him up).

There were hundreds of examples like this where myself and instructors were doing things that we didn’t realize we were doing, and couldn’t teach unless we’d seen it on tape.

What’s very cool is that unlike riding a bike, which takes years of change in your MUSCLES to figure out, the changes you make here can be made INSTANTANEOUSLY. All you need is to 1) see what to do, 2) go out and do it.

(Although it takes forever to figure out by yourself, it’s really not rocket science either...)

This is the first NEW “pickup knowledge” I’ve seen revealed in the past few years that’s actually highly compelling (in the sense that it’s not just a twist on the same old thing), while being ultra advanced at the same time.

The bottom line FOR YOU is that the “video instant replay” element of the “Alexander Hot Seat” experience offers you a new way to learn success with women that you’ve never had available from Real Social Dynamics up until now.

The fact that your limiting beliefs are being burst like bubbles every other minute, and then you’re becoming motivated by the fun factor of the game, and then you’re seeing so many advanced subtleties… means that in TWO DAY EVENT you’re absorbing more secrets of success with women than have ever been possible for you until now.

Watching Infield Footage Is The TIP Of The Iceberg…

You Will Also Be Exposed To A “Next Generation” Teaching Method That Optimized Every Element Of The LIVE EVENT To The Fullest

Now because I envisioned the “Alexander Hot Seat” as being a LIVE EVENT that fills your head with as many brain-melting epiphanies within TWO DAY as physically possible, I also had to develop a new teaching method that optimized every element of the “interactive format”.

My goal with the Alexander Hot Seat is to INTERACT with you, to communicate with you on a level where your brain can easily and immediately grasp and internalize what you learn.

Most importantly, I want you to experience the staggering advantages of learning from an experienced instructor in person (if you’ve never experienced this before, there are many benefits you’ve been missing…).

From years of teaching live infield programs, I’ve spend literally thousands of hours not only DOING live pickup, but WATCHING it.

I’ve spent most of my adult life either talking to girls, or watching other guys do it (and then basically just sleeping and eating in between). This has allowed me to see things in social interactions that nobody else without a similar level of experience could be in a position to see, and I want to expose you to HOW AN EXPERIENCED GUY THINKS about success with girls.

It is one thing to just watch an inspiring video of a guy attracting a girl from random cold approach, becoming physically connected with her, and bringing her home. It’s cool and a lot of fun.

However it’s another experience entirely to have it broken down to you IN PERSON by someone who has been living this lifestyle for many years, and can uncover elements of “WHY what happened just happened…” that you can immediately add to your own personal arsenal.

That’s especially the case because by interacting with an experienced teacher in person, you can gain “custom breakdowns” that take into account your personal learning style, and continually keeps your distracted mind ENGAGED.

Of course having social interactions explained to you by a seasoned veteran of the game offers you the immediate advantages of “instant understanding”, but even beyond that I wanted to HARD WIRE what you learn into your brain (so intensely that it worms its way in whether you like it or not…).

And so that’s why I created a THIRD ELEMENT to your “Alexander Hot Seat” learning experience...

Experience Mind-Bending “Interactive Exercises” That HARDWIRE What You Discover Into Your Conscious & Unconscious Mind

Ever since I started teaching bootcamps, I’ve taken up a fascination with new teaching methods. I’d gone as far as I could go with the straight up “seminar format” (the one without using videos) and I wanted to do something entirely new.

My big breakthrough was the realization that with INTERACTIVE EXERCISES I could accomplish the following for you…:

  1. You blatantly see that being "successful with women" from "random cold approach" is easy and absolutely possible for ANYONE: to the point that if your limiting-beliefs still exist afterwards, you would have to be completely nuts (so in other words it’s immediately transformative to your "inner game").
  2. You pick up on the FUN VIBE that guys who are successful with women have learned to carry with them: because once you've seen that the game is one of the most massively fun hobbies on earth, you become HYPER MOTIVATED to keep going out and improve.
  3. and then last and most importantly:

  4. You discover "ultra hard to see subtleties" over and over on "instant replay" so that even if you've hung out with the best guys in real life, you're discovering the most brain-melting subtleties about success with women you've remotely considered.

Usually when I hear the words “interactive exercises” I think of boring nonsense where you write down your goals or something like that, but these are nothing like that at all.

The exercises are very intense, will get you emotional and riled up, and challenge you in ways that you’ve never experienced in your life.

You will walk away with a newfound confidence and ability to tolerate social chaos, as well as an EXPERIENTIAL UNDERSTANDING of how to get your head into the same zones that the heavy-hitters.

(Check out this video right now to get a better idea – it relates to how I “hard wire” the lesson from the video above immediately into your head…)

Being very blunt, teaching with 1) infield footage, 2) live commentary to break it down, and 3) interactive exercises to internalize it on the spot, makes the “old way” of teaching seem almost absurd.

It’s more powerful, it’s experiential, and it produces immediate and blisteringly intense results. At this point I’ve given you a taste for what to expect from the event, and the program is designed to EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS that I’ve set for you here.

The tour is beginning right now, and it’s an experience you will change your life as you know it, irreversibly, and whether you like it or not.

“Alexander Hot Seat Tour” Is The Most Large-Scale Travelling Schedule I’ve Maintained – We’re Hitting Every Major City That Has The Interest

The “Alexander Hot Seat” tour is being conducted by myself: I’ll be doing the American, European, Canadian, Australian, and other dates world-wide.

This is my first tour of this magnitude in many years, and will likely be my last for years to come.

If you’re interested in experiencing this event and gaining all the benefits for yourself, check out the dates below and see if your city or a city you’d like to visit has made “The List”.

(ALSO NOTE: While doing the “Alexander Hot Seat” in your own city offers you convenience and time, travelling is also an adventure and allows you to go out in a new city and apply what you’ve learned the same night…So both taking the program at home and in a totally different city offers its own benefits and you can’t go wrong.)

The FULL DAY “Live Brain Transplant” Designed To Fill Your Head With 30+ Years Worth Of Combined Experienced In RECORD TIME

Anyway you may be curious about a bit of preview—as to the various FUN STUFF you’ll discover at this event.

I’ve had a buddy who attended it compile a list of interesting things that he learned here.

Keep in mind it’s really the tip of the iceberg, but have a quick skim down the page, and then below you’ll find the information you need about the price, and other important factors to consider about whether or not you want to reserve your seat right now.

  • Unlock your hidden potential by discovering how to model guys who are highly successful at picking up girls.
  • Accelerate your learning curve by watching 5-6 guys with their own personality and style demonstrate on video step-by-step how they use build attractive with hot women.
  • Get a sports-commentator hot seat critique of successful and failed pickups so you can learn how to correct your own mistakes in pickup, while also uncovering what you should continue to do right.
  • Watch some of the most hardcore undercover covert video of guys trying to pickup girls in real-world scenarios. This revolutionary video seminar will allow you to secretly tap instantly into the conversations of guys while they are seducing girls up close and personal.
  • You'll learn the similarities that guys who are massively successful with women have with you and also pinpoint the subtle differences so that you can auto-correct your behavior to match those guys that are highly successful with attracting beautiful women.
  • Expose yourself to the mind-blowing difference between the male and female mechanisms of attraction.Obliterate all paranoia about the way you look, the money you earn or the car you drive!
  • Learn how to subtle body language cues to demonstrate your intent so that you can ramp up levels of attraction when interacting with girls in any situation.
  • Discover what signals you need to know when talking to a girl to know for sure how much a girl is attracted to you versus just being polite.
  • Get several techniques that will allow you to create intense spikes of stimulation so that your conversation and interactions with girls are always fun, exciting, and energized.
  • Learn the principles of physical escalation that are necessary so that when you are touching women, you get her sexually excited. Once you discover the single most common mistakes that causes 90% of 'blow-outs' to occur you'll freak out at the waterfall of sexual abundance your life will collect.
  • Forge a sense of entitlement so powerful that every interaction with a women (even highly negative interactions) doesn’t affect you emotionally in a way that handicaps your pickup, and allows you to pummel through all “social tests” like you are a bull-dozer knocking down a sand castle.
  • Develop a unique sexual magnetism that makes it easier for you to attract the most beautiful women in the world more so than unattractive women.
  • See some of the funniest hidden camera videos in the world while learning a rich amount of educational concepts that will take your game to the next level.
  • Take a new perspective on how to handle scenarios when you are trying to pickup girls in front of their friends so that no situation becomes too heavy for you to handle.
  • Deal with the root cause of insecurity, and shine with an 'inner light' that will mesmerize women, making your pickups effortless and simple by changing simple thought processes.
  • Watch a compilation of openers so that you know exactly what to say and do when you meet a women.
  • Watch a brand new style of infield footage thats never been seen before with EVERY "Social Dynamic" annotated on the screen for you to see and internalize immediately!
  • Decode The "Invisible" Game --- Get a minute by minute breakdown of Alex's once illusive "Invisible Game" and the precise steps you need to take to incorporate his style of pickup into your repertoire.
  • Experience LIVE In-Field Footage Sharper and Clearer Than Ever Before --- We used the most cutting edge video and audio equipment, including two SUPER cameras, a hyper-rare audio filtration system, and advanced motion stabilizers to get the best in-field footage ever caught on camera. The result: You'll get the see, hear, and absorb even the most hidden and advanced subtleties of the game with unprecedented ease.
  • See all of Alex's thoughts, techniques, strategies, plan of action, frames, decisions, and every other dynamic of the pickup ANNOTATED on the screen in REAL TIME --- Not only will you see what Alex is doing on the surface level, but you'll actually get to see what he's THINKING underneath as the pickup is going down.
  • Hammer into your brain a permanent confidence with women and instantly increase your results.
  • Discover exactly how to use humor to your advantage in a way that creates intense sexual excitement!
  • Learn how to properly use a wingman so that you make going out with your friends a much more successful experience for both of you. Once you discover exactly what needs to take place, you’ll uncover how to recognize the hook point so that you and your friends can seduce women together.
  • A detailed series of insights about how to have fun in bars and nightsclubs in a way that draws women to you like a magnet.
  • The real truth about how much physical appearance affects your game is laid bare so that you learn how to supercharge women’s emotions regardless of what you look like physically.
  • Call forth your innate abilities to get physically and verbally aggressive with women in a way that demonstrates a combination of sexual competency, self-control, and authority so that women literally jump all over you within seconds of meeting them. Watch live video demonstrations on how to do this in indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Build upon your conversational repertoire by watching guys talk to women in a way that gets women chasing after them like moths to a flame.
  • Discover how to pickup girls of all ages when you are at any age.
  • Realize the hidden secrets that are necessary so that you can develop a freedom of outcome so that any rejection from a girl becomes a big joke.
  • Hear several cool ideas about how to make your pickup experiences more innovative, creative, and entertaining so that you will never find yourself or the girls you are talking to bored.
  • An anatomy of the perfectly successful approaches... that you can adapt in any way to suit your own lifestyle, identity, and personality.
  • The differences between a guy who is persistent in an attractive way versus a guy who is going to freak out the girl.
  • Learn how and when to kiss a girl so that you never ever find yourself wondering when you should make interaction more intimate.
  • Watch a series of blowouts so that you can learn how to transform your failures into educational learning experiences in your own life.
  • Understand the little things that kills your state so that you can prevent them from messing up your game.
  • You'll discover the subtle distinctions that you must learn in order to “steal” beautiful women from your male rivals.
  • You'll discover the secrets that will cripple the attempts of other guys and girls that try to sabotage your game when you are trying to pickup their friends.
  • You'll gain a detailed map of precisely what you need to say and do in order to create a strong chemistry so that you never find yourself falling in the black-hole abyss commonly referred to as “the just-friends-zone”.
  • Witness successful pickups of guys approaching girls by themselves, with their friends, in bars, on the street, in the mall, and every other possible scenario so that you too can become a Navy SEAL of pickup arts.
  • Reach that crazy level of game where you are projecting so many “right things” that the words coming out of your mouth can be completely meaningless, and still build attraction with girls.
  • Evolve past “frustrations” – you'll develop ironclad solutions to every possible interaction and scenario so that you can rapidly develop chemistry with any girl that you meet.
  • You'll discover how to develop intense levels of love and compassion for women in ways that make them more likely to sleep with you.
  • Master the subtle dynamics behind ‘different levels of rapport in a social interaction. Once you've got thisrock solid understanding in mind, you'll be able to instantly upgrade your skills with attracting women and obliterate road blocks that unconsciously get in the way of success with women.
  • Discover the secret to using compliments in the right way to get women more interested in you.
  • Learn the secret of how to diss a girl while not offending her and simultaneously creating sexual tension and attraction.
  • You'll learn how you unconsciously feed off the vibe of your interactions with women so that you have more power to take your conversations with women in the direction of your choice.
  • You'll discover how even the most simple interactions can create powerful emotions in women that are key to success.
  • You'll watch a raw expose of how a guy can outgame guys that try too hard to pickup girls by using their social status, money, and power.
  • Develop a razor sharp wit that will allow you to seduce highly attractive, intelligent women.
  • Get the skills to overcome the “I have a boyfriend” excuse so that girls that claim to be committed to someone else are suddenly jumping in your arms saying that “You are the one for me.”
  • You'll learn the reasons that a girl will choose you over other guys so that you won’t be phased by having other guys try to pickup the girl that you are talking to.
  • You'll laugh in amazement as you watch RSD Instructors pickup girls in some of the most off-the-wall scenarios and situations!
  • You'll get a detailed breakdown of what to look for when you are talking to a girl so that you learn when to layback and relax, and also learn when you need to dominate her!
  • Tap into the sexual charisma that most guys never fully experience with women. Without needing to radically change your identity, you’ll find out how to convey those parts of your personality that will have girls draping off of you like cotton-candy.
  • Get the secrets of how to use such a strong internal dominant reality that you develop jedi-like control over a woman’s thoughts and actions with your words.
  • Develop a wild and outrageous frame of thinking that will have girls running after you trying to capture your heart so heavily that they embarrass themselves even if they are with their close friends and family.
  • Don’t miss seeing how you can transform those normal conversations that you have into women into an environment of sexual chemistry, trust, and comfort.
  • Get a clear, simple, working understanding of how people relate to one another on physical level so that you have the right body language.
  • Learn how to use social proof to your advantage so that the female friends of girls begin to help you to pickup their friends.
  • Get a profound understanding of how to pickup girls in party settings from cold approach pickups even when she is highly preoccupied.
  • How to avoid “cock-blocking” yourself by knowing when to listen and when to demonstrate value.
  • Learn how to develop a connection with a girl rapidly and deeply even with more old-fashioned girls that usually want to try to take things slow with men that they date.
  • How to use outrageous stories to create sexual visual imagery in women’s minds that gets them giddy and excited.
  • See how someone picks up a girl step-by-step from the initial approach to meet her, gaming her with conversation, creating physical progression, and taking her all the way home to hookup with crystal clear video and audio providing a complete picture of how it is all done.
  • Watch raw video footage that our camera crew risked being kicked out of clubs to obtain , that will skyrocket your knowledge of how to pickup girls in this environment.
  • Watch model hot girls get picked up and pulled home in real-world scenarios.
  • Learn how to get girls to leave their rules about dating guys at home and develop a strong ability to get girls to follow your own rules instead so that you control the relationship.
  • Generate strong standards with women so that girls know that you are a man that they cannot take advantage of.
  • Get the secret to developing a deep emotional acuity that allows you to have girls begging to have sex with you.
  • Trigger megastar/celebrity fascination from the women in your interactions with women that get them trying to prove their worth to you even if they previously provided a lot of resistance to being with you.
  • Discover how to properly project the right kind of energy to women so that you can spike her emotional buying temperature and get her so wet and excited to being with you that she will forget about her entourage of friends that went to the party with her.
  • Learn how to use your voice tonality so that you more easily command that attention of the women that you are engaging in conversation with.
  • Peel back the 'layers' of self-destructive behaviors that guys commonly have that get in the way of their success with beautiful women.
  • Tap into the ability to push through thick walls of resistance so that you can get physical with girls right away and have her begging for more physical game.
  • An advanced demonstration of how to touch a woman in various ways that get her tingling for more in all the right places.
  • See examples of powerful facial expressions, physical openers, and body language that distinguishes you from every other guy that may try to pick her up.
  • Power up your profile whenever you want to access your best self, and transform common interactions into exciting adventures.
  • Unleash a whirlwind of physical movements that free yourself of awkwardness in conversations.
  • Satisfy the raw sexual needs of any woman by satisfying their cravings for amazing new experiences by modeling guys that have a unique ability to ramp up attraction very fast.
  • Get detailed play-by-play learning lessons by watching guys engage in sexual debauchery in the most surprising scenarios during the daytime and nighttime.
  • The unwavering principles that you need to develop in order to think quickly on your feet and never run out of the right words and actions when you are interacting with beautiful women.
  • Learn the main ways of using eye contact so that you get women wanting to engage you in conversation.
  • Discover the power of talking from a place of radical honesty in a way that removes all the bullshit in your conversations with women.
  • Watch guys relate to girls on such a deep level that the girls forget about what you are talking about and only relate to you on an emotional level even when what you are saying and doing doesn’t make any sense.
  • Eliminate all the gimmicks and crazy tricks that you may rely on when you are talking to girls so that you are more effective and natural when picking up girls.
  • Permanently destroy approach anxiety and learn how you can avoid losing state.
  • Learn the techniques that you will need to demonstrate that you are a man that she wants in her life in the long-term.
  • Harness your innate faculties that gets girls jumping into one-night stands.
  • Develop a rapid and effective response to girls that attempt to get in the way of your pickups.
  • A single insight that will show the power of self actualization from a guy that has a strange deep sense of entitlement with women that you can model so that life becomes your own personal playground.
  • How humourous nicknames, jargon, and role-plays can make women more fascinated in you than any other guy that they know.
  • Strategies that the most successful guys use to help their friends pickup girls even in intense situations that most guys would be afraid of.
  • Destroy the limiting beliefs that you need to say just the right thing or do the right thing in order to get girls by watching guys purposely do those things that people stereotypically believe are the “wrong things to do”, but watch them still get the girl that they want.
  • Be amazed as you watch some of the most aggressive pickups you have ever seen, including guys literally grabbing girls out of the arms of their parents and yanking them out of their car to hookup with them.
  • Discover the secret to distract a woman’s logical reasoning with shocking remarks and surprising witticisms so that you can use any remark or suggestion as an excuse to take the interaction into a more physically intimate scenario.
  • Generate an unconscious ability to control the frame of an interaction so that women follow your lead more often than not.
  • You'll learn the psychology behind the mindsets of the guys that are the most successful with picking up women so that you can upgrade your own belief systems.
  • Learn how to pickup college girls even if they are complete party girls that are just on a girl’s night out.
  • Discover the insider method to rapid learning and how to develop an unlimited repertoire of things that you can do when you are with beautiful girls.
  • Hear the entirety of pickups broken down for you so that you know exactly how you can pickup girls.
  • Purge yourself of any fear that certain kinds of girls or scenarios are impossible by watching guys shatter the glass wall of the impossible via our in-field videos.
  • Make a sexual hookup as common as doing your laundry as you start to realize how easy it can be by watching RSD Bootcamp Instructors demonstrate how to pickup girls so effectively that it seems simple and mundane.

…and, uhhhh, obviously a LOT more.

The “Alexander Hot Seat” Live Event Was Project Fueled By Passion As A Teacher Of Success With Women: But I Created This Experience Specifically FOR YOU

All right so what I hope you’ve realized at this point is that this is an experience that’s completely unique. The main challenge I’ve had in describing it to you is that this is a new type of event that’s totally different than anything we’ve ever done.

The “Alexander Hot Seat” is an advanced hybrid program that utilizes “infield footage” of the most seasoned veterans in the game, as well as live commentary to pound the insights into your head, and challenging interactive exercises to hardwire what you learn into your stubborn brain.

No live event has ever really been done like this before…EVER.

As you travel through your experience, you will gain a vivid understanding of what pickup and social interaction is like when you have no fear, and you’ve accumulated a lethal arsenal of dangerous skills.

Finally you will come to FULLY UNDERSTAND the fun, improvement in lifestyle, and personal transformation that you experience when you apply the hidden secrets that take most people a decade of social interaction to obtain.

And most importantly, you will go out the same night and apply what you learn to a shocking increase in your results.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a clueless newbie, or ludicrously skilled. On this journey, you will arrive at the same destination:

  • A three dimensional understanding of what pickup and social interaction looks like when you’ve been doing “cold approach pickup” for 10 years (and how to replicate that immediately).
  • An insider’s window into the full continuum of tools that you can pull out of your arsenal in any type of dating situation you’ve ever considered.
  • An extremely hard to obtain grasp of subtleties like the “buyer/seller” paradigm, “sex worthy” attraction as opposed to entertainment, and how to pull in spite of massive obstacles (this last one is insane).
  • A new type of FEEL in your brain that’s in alignment with every guy who is successful with girls
  • An experience of being challenged and having your head messed with in a way that will create change in you FOREVER.
  • A dangerously sharp understanding of how seasoned veterans think about success with girls, as related to the footage you’ve seen.
  • And ultimately, a life shifting expert-level-wisdom of how to STEP UP and take your game to the highest level physically possible.

All while you’re being entertained and challenged by the highly stimulating one day event.

Your exposure to what you’ve always needed, and always been missing to be successful with women, will create changes in you that women, your friends, and even people who doubt you will notice immediately, and you will walk away with an entirely new perspective on life.

(This video will reveal to you a bit about how I like to summarize the event…)

My Goal Was To Make This The Ultimate “Magic Bullet” TWO Day Event I Could Come Up With For You (After Seven Years Of Teaching This Stuff…)

But Ultimately YOU Are The Magic Bullet In This Equation

I’ve got to be honest with you here, however…

The “Alexander Hot Seat” live event is bleeding edge of “applied pickup and social interaction” that’s out there today—particularly in its ability to expose you to so many years worth of insights and developments through it’s teaching format.

I mean, whereas most guys will sort of learn a few things about success with women and then never get any real results with it, the “Alexander Hot Seat” puts you in a position where what you need to do is so blatantly obvious that it makes it nearly impossible to fail.

But here’s the truth. This still is NOT a magic bullet. This is not some instant-fix that will remedy all the ills in your life.

Sorry, I REALLY wish that it was. I know there are a lot of events that promise this, but you obviously know that it’s not the case.

That’s because, duhhhh, you can’t just BUY a magic bullet. The magic bullet is YOU.

The “Alexander Hot Seat” can give you a crystal clear, emotionally hardwired understanding of what it’s like to go out and bring girls into your life from random cold approach to close, but YOU have to leave the house and approach women.

It can give you an OBNOXIOUS ARSENAL of years worth of hardcore tactics, shifts in your inner game, and techniques, but YOU have to open your mouth and TALK.

It can supercharge your motivation to evolve to the next level, and even put every advanced piece of pickup theory you’ve ever learned into DETAILED CONTEXT, but it’s not going to physically animate your ARMS for you and make you take that girl home.

YOU have to do all that. Okay??

Or more specifically, you have to be prepared to try. That’s all.

As long as you’re prepared to put your ego to the side, absorb the knowledge, and IMPLEMENT what you experience, that you’ll be moving towards a foregone conclusion.

Do You Want To Spend Another Several Years Studying Pickup Theories That You Lack The Complete Context To “Interpret” And Apply For Real Results??

The tough thing about learning to be good with women is that there’s so much oversaturation of information out there, it’s hard to know which direction to go.

Everyone has their own opinion, and you wind up going out and testing ideas that make you look stupid and often really only help you in the sense that they increase your “thick skin” (from all the absurd responses you get from women).

That’s why so many guys who study “how to get good with girls” never get ANYWHERE. They lack the context of having VISUALLY SEEN what it’s like to approach a girl from cold approach and take it from open to close with consistency and precision, and then having it drilled into their heads.

(I almost became one of them myself, and often wanted to quit and focus on other things like trying to make more money to attract girls because I really couldn’t de-tangle the bizarre maze of ideas.)

Even beyond that, many guys who are more “advanced” still never reach their true potential, and wind up settling for dating women they know aren’t NEARLY what they’re capable of, because they simply don’t have the TIME to learn what’s possible when you’ve been in this for seven years.

With the ALEXANDER HOT SEAT , you are empowered with a deep wisdom on how to move to the next level.

The haze of “duuuurrr” and confusion are immediately removed from your life—forever—because you’ve seen exactly how success with women is played out on an experiential level (and had it hard wired into your brain).

Of course, you might wind up learning all this on your own without having any experience that reveals every advanced subtlety in the game in a single weekend, and in hardcore explicit detail.

Yeeeeeeahuupppp, you genuinely might.

But remember, at the end of the day, it’s YOUR life.

I’d say that you’ve been through so much at this point that you owe it to yourself to seriously consider your life as it currently stands. Honestly, really step back from your life and consider whether your journey has reached a point that you want to REMAIN.

Because if you want to move forward, then you want to experience an event that empowers you with a roadmap to get exactly where you want to go, as quickly as possible.

So what is that worth to you??

Is it worth a mere $1000 for a day that empowers you with a LITERAL treasure trove of experiential-knowledge and hidden secrets, in one of the most fun event formats of your life??

I hope it is, because ultimately what you’re gaining is a doorway into a life that is amazing in a way that you’ve never known about. That’s what your investment gets you. Think about your life, and the experiences you want to check off the “bucket list” BEFORE YOU DIE.

Then ask yourself the question—is it worth the risk? It is actually, honestly worth investing $1000 dollars for a genuine doorway into a permanent carnival of sexual abundance?

It’s not a choice I can make for you, but it’s a choice I made for myself, many years ago. Looking back, the thought that I might have chosen otherwise is a scary thing for me to contemplate.

(Imagining what my life would have been like if I hadn’t seized control of it brings me into a ill feeling of nauseous disgust with myself, and I do not mind admitting that at all whatsoever…)

So bearing in mind that this is YOUR LIFE, ask yourself this…

Is it worth risking a $1000 investment to snatch up the level of personal improvement that this event will immediately provide?

Honestly, is it?

The Alexander Hot Seat Is Like Taking A Syringe Of Adrenaline Straight To The Heart: AWAKENING Your Passion For Bringing Women And Social Success Into Your Life

Well here’s what’s kind of crazy about that…

After taking a year away from many other important tasks to record all the hidden camera footage and develop it into an extensive event, Papa expected that the price point of the event would be in a fair alignment with the VALUE that it offered to you when you attend.

However what I told Papa was that this was a “passion project” for me and I wanted to do something EXTREME …:

I wanted to price the program at something so absurdly reasonable, that it removed every irrational excuse you’ve ever come up with to create the life with women that you badly want (whatever level it is that you want to achieve…)

So I said, “Look, I want this program to go for $300 even if that’s way too low, because it’s the event that we envisioned as being so valuable OURSELVES back when we were first trying to figure this stuff out...”

Now right off the bat, this is obviously a bone headed decision for RSD in the *short term*…”

We’ve got around twenty thousand people who read RSD Nation sporadically throughout the month (like 2000 who read it every day and around 18,000 or so who read it on and off), and then a few HUNDRED thousand who aren’t on RSDN but read the email blasts we’ve been putting out since 2002.

You’re probably aware of programs from other pickup companies that sell for $5000 or more, and in our case we have a number of past Bootcamp and Summit alumni who are “more advanced in their finances” we could have contacted, and probably attracted a good 20 or 30 to do an “exclusive” program only offered to those who have the resources to attend.

(Obviously Nick’s and my life would have been easier if we’d chosen to go that route, mainly because we would have conserved the airfare to 30 different cities, hotel accommodations, conference room rentals, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the SIX MONTHS of time we’re investing into this one project that we could have used to do other important tasks instead…)

(Oh yeah, and then the time it takes to book all that for thirty different cities …Ugggghh!!)

But I’m not bringing this to your attention to ask for appreciation or any nonsense like that, AT ALL. I don’t believe in people saying they’re doing favors, because ultimately we all do what we do BECAUSE WE WANT TO DO IT.

The reason I wanted to bring it up is because I WANT TO URGE YOU to take advantage of the fact that I’m doing this right now, I’ve made it the most inexpensive event we’ve ever done, and Nick and I are touring ONLY ONCE.

I’ve chosen to run the Alexander Hot Seat for you this way for two reasons…:

The first is that I couldn’t STAND having to read through endless “pickup theory” back in the day, and I wasted literally months of my life trying to interpret it (and funny enough I spent retarded amounts of time and money travelling around meeting people to get GLIMPSES of what you see in spades at this event). If I’d had a program like this I wouldn’t have had to burn all that time and money, so this is personal for me on a lot of levels.

And then the second reason, which is on the more “selfish motivation” side, is that I also have the firm belief that like with the “Blueprint Decoded” program, this will set off a chain reaction of “hard to quantify” positive energy around RSD that will pay itself back in weird ways over the longer term.

(Like with “Blueprint” there will obviously be a small minority who doesn’t get anything from it – or even trash it or whatever – but if the pre-release events are any indication, the majority of people will be fanatical and spread the word about the high standard of our programs.)

Some people have also asked if I’ll put this out for them on DVD. There is ZERO possibility of that, as this has been designed from day 1 a LIVE and INTERACTIVE experience, which means you have to attend and interact with fellow students and your instructor to get the full benefits.

(You will experience staggering advantages from getting off your ass and coming out to an event like this—including that it’s just way more fun, as well as absorbing what you learn from me personally…)

An extensive notebook will be sent to you with every single lesson that you learned explained in meticulous detail, and there will be interactive exercises to hardwire the discoveries into your head. If you are of average or even somewhat below average intelligence, you will retain what you learn and apply it in your life immediately.

However I also want to emphasize that I realize and fully respect that everyone learns differently.

That being the case, if for ANY reason you turn out to be one of those rare people who doesn’t “click” with what you learn, there is no problem whatsoever to simply ask for a FULL REFUND via an email or a phone call to RSD for up to THIRTY DAYS after attending, with no questions asked.

(Keep reading and I’ll explain…)

Because A THEME Of This Event Is REMOVING EVERY EXCUSE Not To Learn This Stuff…

I’m Offering The Most OBNOXIOUS Guarantee On A Program You’ve Probably Ever Seen

The fact is that I am so relaxed and confident in the value of this program, I’ve told Papa that I want to offer the same guarantee as when I’ve offered the “Alexander Hot Seat” at the Free workshops…:

If you do not feel after thirty days that this program is worth NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS (ie: 3X the price) and that it was only worth, let’s say six hundred dollars, then feel free to ask for a full refund as well.

(Again: it’s $300 to experience this event, but if you don’t think it was worth $900 TO YOUR LIFE, then feel free to get a refund after thirty days…)

This probably sounds crazy or over the top, but it’s very real to me: I actually believe there is THREE THOUSAND dollars worth of value crammed into this program.

(At least for anyone who is able to PAY ATTENTION throughout the experience (which is easy because it’s hilarious) and then GO OUT and apply it. So if you’re not getting an easy $900 in value out of the event, it really didn’t connect with you the way I intended and I’d prefer you get your money back anyway…)

Obviously I realize that the odd person will take advantage of this: and I don’t care.

I’m not in this to prevent the odd person from getting a free lunch, as that behavior is their problem and not mine.

My main goal in doing all this crazy touring and travelling is to make the Alexander Hot Seat ACCESSIBLE TO YOU and an EASY DECISION, because the changes you’ll make from attending this will be tangible and profound.

I’ve created an experience that gives you the same shock and awe factor as a bootcamp, localized it to every major city that has an interest, kept it the most inexpensive of any program we’ve ever done, and offered to travel to teach it to you personally.

At this point that’s everything I can do for you on my end, and it’s up to you if you want to take the next step with this.

(All I can say is you’ll absorb a ton, experience mega-improvements, and have a blast doing it.)

By signing up the first week of the official launch, you’ll get very valuable bonuses that the people who wait will never get their hands on. So I’ve made it fun and worthwhile to pull the trigger immediately, and then you can lay back and anticipate the event.

Lock This Down For Yourself Now While It's HOT In Your Mind...

At the end of the day, my goal is to give you ZERO IRRATIONAL EXCUSES to make this investment in yourself and get your game JUICED UP with the this extreme experience that’s going to transform you.

Like we talked about, I would have done just about anything to experience this type of program…because it would have short-cut the path to “elite” level by a good five years.

Instead, I had to push through years of trial and error, and eventually “luck out” in a lot of ways to learn this stuff (there’s so many places that if I hadn’t gotten lucky, I wouldn’t have had the epiphanies I’ve experienced…)

So really, don’t screw around here…

Jump onto this opportunity while it’s hot in your mind, and take advantage of the ridiculously intense “game enhancements” that this event has to offer you.

Regardless of the absurd amounts of value that this has crammed in it… you really can start using it the same night the event is done.

And as you’re on our journey, you can apply the more advanced secrets that you discover.

This is truly an absolute “go-to” live event experience for getting yourself to the “next level” you know you’re capable of.

If you aren’t ready for it, that’s fine. You’re taking a pass on this project that was over a year in the making, and that will create such blatantly obvious gains in your personal results.

You might be someone who has taken to learning this material passively. Maybe you have a big “identity” about how you’re a guy who won’t take a kick-ass program like this, because you’ve got everything handled on your own.

Well now is you’re a chance to come at your progress *actively*. It’s a chance to get your hands on the proven secrets and shortcuts that took me YEARS of agony and darkness to figure out.

The Alexander Hot Seat will STUN you and SHAKE UP YOUR ENTIRE GAME.

It’s chalk-full of value and covers a VAST range of cutting-edge themes and ideas, but regardless of all the information it will pound into your skull it’s still FUN because it’s about YOU and getting YOUR LIFE together.

Seeing and understanding how this kind of success REALLY gets done is totally inspiring. This isn’t work – it’s more like reviewing the itinerary for the BEST trip you’ve ever planned for.

So prepare to have your mind blown… And your entire approach to the game changed forever.

The Alexander Hot Seat WILL deliver you to the “promised land”.

What’s the price for this experience? Again, we initially priced it at $1000 in value. We actually valued it at significantly higher than that, just because this event is SO SPECIFIC to a person who wants to walk the path of total transformation and success with women.

But I wasn’t interested in that.

We’ve chipped away at this price, and we reserve the right to take this page down and change the price without warning in the coming weeks and months post-launch. All orders made at this price will be honoured, but if we change the price back to $1000 no further orders will be taken at the previous price.

For now though, even though it will probably save you thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars in value and will definitely save you YEARS of time and frustration, your investment, for now, is only $300 for this astonishing live event.

Are you willing to invest the scarily low price of $300 for this live experience to gain a doorway to untold levels of liberation from confusion and despair?

Is that risk worth a whole new world where know how to make it happen with the women of your dreams?

Is it that risk worth a whole new life where your craziest fantasies are real, and willing at your fingertips?

Are you willing to invest $300 to gain this experience that will change your life forever??


  1. The all harrowing, 7 years in the development, ARE YOU ENOUGH? Manifesto, a 3.5 hour video that finally describes what I think is the most important concept in your game
  2. One year access to me via private forum on
  3. Unlimited access to the Alex Hotseat 2, go as many times as you like!
  4. A document with my notes of my own hotseat, so when you go to the hot seat you're ready for whats coming, and it'll save you looking down writing when you should be looking up and learning
  5. And access to my first published ebook coming out in a couple of months!

I’m So Sure That You Will Love This Program That I’m Willing To Do Something That Nobody Else Is Willing To Do By Offering a Full Money Back Guarantee...

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Alexander Hot Seat Seminar, I’ll refund your money. It’s that simple. FULL REFUND.

We respect your time and we ask you to respect ours. Our only requirement for a refund is that you must attend the *entire* program. If you skip, walk off or show up late, deal’s off.

This Alexander Hot Seat Seminar is the best thing for your success with women. If you don't agree, just let your instructor know what went wrong and he’ll make sure you get a refund.

Our instructors don’t get paid unless you are delivered a phenomenal program. So make sure you give an honest assessment of the program each night, so that they can customize it to match your expectations.

I cannot POSSIBLY make it any more easy or low risk for you.

When you signup, you'll be taken to a secure order page where you can order your Alexander Hot Seat Seminar (just use a valid credit or debit card for your order - you can pay by mail or PayPal, but I can't reserve a space for you via check until your check has cleared).

Go through this Alexander Hot Seat Seminar from beginning to end. You will see INSTANTANEOUS RESULTS, and you WILL start meeting more hot women.

Take the Alexander Hot Seat Seminar RISK-FREE.

If you decide that it's not for you - for any reason – just let the instructor know, stay til the end, and if you want a refund at the end of the Alexander Hot Seat Seminar, the instructor will make sure you get it.

If you love the program (and I'm betting that you will), you will be absolutely enthusiastic about how you made the right choice.

I truly want to help you meet and date more beautiful women. I get emails every day from guys who have taken the programs that are now having big time success in the dating world, and I want to see you get these results too.


Alex Hot Seat Success Stories

Alexander Hotseat Amsterdam 5-6 jan, AMAZING

Great seminar, if you love RSD's teachings and Alex's stuff definitely sign up for Alex's Hotseat. The dude is great at what he does, puts in a lot of energy, passion and focus to what he teaches

Groupies, stalkers, threesomes, models, five minute-pulls and Alexander Hot Seat Stockholm July 2013

He's not performing any magic. He just stands there, close to her, talks to her, and wait for the inevitable to happen. It's impossible for her not to get attracted. I don't really know what else to say. Just fucking go see Alexander.

I would give my life's savings just to hang out with him for a couple of months. No homo.

Alex Hot Seat Stockholm Preview Review

I want to give cred to Alex for being a good "teacher". I thought his part of the hot seat felt really interactive. When people asked questions, he gave good detailed answers. I think someone asked for a bathroom pull and that's why we even got to see the above video. He frequently invited the audience to ask questions. Whenever he paused the videos, he had a good point to make. If the rest of his hot seat is in the same vibe, I think you'd get a lot of value from it. Also I think it would be really interesting to see Alex' point of view since his style is in my eyes (at least superficially) very different from the rest of RSD.

Alex DC Hotseat Review (10 NOV 2012)

Final thoughts:

1. Probably one of the most straight-forward, honest hotseats i've seen. I'm not saying that other hotseats were dis-hontest or un-realistic, but ALL of Alex's videos showed were from beginning to end "pull" videos. On the other hand, Tyler's hotseat mainly shows the ENTIRE concept of RSD and just a few complete beginning to end pull video which can be confusing because there are a lot of self-amusement and rejection video compilations. Again in Tyler's defense, full pull videos are very hard to capture in perfect condition and quality as Alex shows videos way back from early 2009.
2. again, initially seemingly very different method from the main RSD method. a must see for anybody who wants to adopt this method or expand their understanding of game
3. visually pleasing, entertaining, and educational
4. very applicable while low profile: true small town game
5. lot of small concepts that RSD crew might not know are explained well
6. verbal game is off-the-charts good
7. shows extreme effort putting hotseat videos together but hotseat schedule itself needs a little more polishing
8. superb value, extremely low price. i think he can just split the hotseat into two and charge $300 each day if he does a 1pm to 10pm seminar for both days. Day one: basics and fundamentals, day two: advanced cutting edge game and maybe some of his wing Sean’s videos etc
9. while Tyler/Julien's hotseat are like super-high-paced-action-thrillers that make you feel like you are chugging information through a fire hose (AKA the movie "crank"), Alex's hotseat is like watching a series of mini-series TV show with the content getting stronger and stronger each time. In other words, very different format
10. absolutely recommend attending the hotseat and many props for alex going through troubles putting this great program together

Alex Hot seat in SF - Life Changing

If I went to an Alexander host seat at the start of my "Pick-up" journey, my results would be un-real! "There is no reason why you're not enough!" The seduction community offers a variety of material that focuses on "inner game" which is all great stuff, but Alex does a great job in making those simple words a reality. I guarantee that if I never read another word on “pick-up”, my game would still be outrageous, “I am enough” I’ve been brainwashed by so many other theories about how to pick up women that were helpful in some way or another, but if you're looking for RESULTS, Alex's method is by far the most effective and easiest way to pick up women.

The amount of effort put into his hot seat and in-field footage transfers to real world results. His in-field footage makes it crystal clear what a "pick-up" looks like from start to finish in many different environments, women, and a variety of test. After watching the in-field footage I can see women's tests so much clearer now, before the seminar I didn't even realize that I was being tested constantly by women. Alex, of course, teaches you how to "endure" these tests and has an interactive way of preparing us for them. This stuff cannot be found anywhere on the internet or in a book. The videos alone are great, but the play by play breakdown by Alex makes it real and applicable in real life situations.

You get a real sense that Alex loves what he does and is really passionate about making his students understand this stuff. He is an excellent instructor and teaches a very simple, yet effective method of pick-up. He does a great job at really going in depth when answering students' questions to make this "stick" On day one of the hot seat I came in with 2 pages of questions that I had about pick-up. I ended up only having to ask a few questions because his seminar is put together extremely well and gives you a complete understanding of what "pick-up" is and how to do it.

Alexander Hot Seat San Francisco Review

If you haven't checked out the hot seat yet, take a look at it. What a great experience to cram years of field experience into a single weekend, broken down and explained by executive coaches who spend every day in the field doing cold approaches.

Overall, the hot seat, worth $300 per student, is a steal compared to bootcamp prices, and if you are an intermediate PUA like me, you can learn a ton of new things for a relatively cheaper price point than a weekend bootcamp in the thousands.

Alex Hot Seat in SF Dec. 2012

Alex method makes me very curious because it potentially provides a way to game and pickup girls while doing it in a very natural way, almost like not trying. So it looks normal and feels normal too. It's hits a nerve in me that this is what I always hoped my skills with girl could be like. And the "I am enough" mindset now really seems to me to be a core characteristic of natural guys who get laid that I know.

Hot Seat with Alexander

Alexander came with strong recommendations from a couple local SF guys who are legit, good, and vouched for how solid his game is. I was skeptical, but I trust those guys, so I walked through the door with a skeptical but open mind.

And... it was fucking awesome. I mean, it was the SHIT. I'm a conceptual person, so I like to think about what people are saying, how much they are saying, and whether it fits together as a larger picture or if there are pieces that just dont link. His concepts were simple. They fit together. They link, and create a progression of start to finish. I can see how it works in my mind.

But more than that, I saw how it worked in practice, last night right after the Hotseat. The problem with seminars is that you get a "seminar high" and it's easy to get pumped up about concepts that are great on paper, or great for a jock, or great for a high energy guy, but are shit for you in practice.

What blew me away is not that those concepts are mind blowing. They are not. They are almost boringly simple, which is odd. Even when you put them together in the combination he did, they just result in the picture of a chill, relaxed, confident guy who just chit chats with a girl and looks utterly unimpressive to any outsider or PUA who would be at the same venue.

But then you see video after video after video of him doing this method from start to finish and ending the video with him having sex with girl after girl after girl, year after year, and its like... what the fuck?

- Alright Alexander, so let's see your stuff. I can be chill, I can be relaxed. But I also can go home alone with my dick in my right hand every night doing that.
- What the hell just happened? He really pulled that girl.
- Next video: Wait, he pulled the next girl too.
- Next video: He pulled another girl. Doing that same thing he keeps doing and telling us to do.
- Okay, this is coming together. Let me try this at the club.
- I feel fucking great. I'm talking to girls. Hotter girls. I don't care about rejection. I don't care about choding. I feel fantastic even when I'm not in set, when I'm being a "chode." I stop self judgement. I'm feeling so at peace, though I'm not trying hard... Actually, I'm trying less than I normally do, but I'm getting more results. Oh here's another girl, I'll go talk with her.

Overall, I'm really impressed. I really am. I'm intermediate in my ability to meet and hook up with girls, so we'll see where this takes me, since the proof is in the fucking pudding. I'll post back once I have time to implement this. Which, unlike a lot of instructors' methods, won't take long to put into practice because it's ridiculously simple.

If you do his Hotseat, it may free you from walking down a path where you're always trying, trying to get good, working, striving, learning state, learning routines, learning to be "better" and the inner game or outer tactics you feel you need to do to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

Alexander comes off as very honest. Which is important because it's so easy to be skeptical about his method. He's a good instructor. He gave 110% percent. He never was never dismissive. He really talked fully through all his points. He was sick, he was tired, he had all sorts of things he could use as excuses but he was entirely dedicated to delivering an impactful Hotseat. His ideas are extremely new shit, like I've NEVER heard any other instructor or school really put forth while doubling down on it. His gets real results (girls) and the proof is there on video. Those videos connect directly to his concepts. His concepts are clear. They are promising. They make sense. And you won't see this anywhere else.

Solid hotseat. For me, worth the money.

Alexander~ HOTSEAT Amsterdam EUROTOUR 2013 ****

From my perspective Alex propagates a healthy mindset which is really powerful because of its simplicity and I understand why some "game" guys have problems reconciling this with what they have learned. "You are enough" can be the operating system to quiet the chatter the self talk in your head which may have limited you in the past. Take your time and let it marinate in your everyday interactions.

Picking up a girl is just like meeting an old friend which you have not seen in a long time. There is that initial unfamiliarity and awkwardness maybe because both of you have changed a bit but soon you just have fun and fuck around like during high school days. Let this scenario play out in your head and the next time you meet a girl do not treat her differently, add phyiscal expression (in a playful way, do NOT be confrontational) and walk her out of the bar at the end of the night, thats it!

Alex was a very patient and attentive coach during the seminar adressed all the questions and referred people to his articles online if necessary. He is very professional and adds a lot offun to the seminar with his special type of humor ;)

After being bootcamp assistant, seeing the the HotSeat 2 and now attending the Alex HotSeat seminar, it truly feels like a graduation and I can only recommend it very highly to everyone who has doubts!

Alexander hotseat (10x better then I imagined!)

The hotseat was better then I could imagine. Alexander is a real natural, no gimmicks or tricks, enjoying himself with each interaction and creating a win-win situation for both him AND the girl. After seeing this, I have become more confident and relaxed, knowing I don't have to do magick tricks or have god-like skills.

The only way to experience the hotseat is by actually going there, the free youtube movie does not even show 1%. I cant describe the awesome vibe I feel. I feels so free. Thanks alot to Alexander for putting me on the right track!!!

Alex Hotseat - so THIS is what good game looks like

You need to see the Alex HotSeat.

Alex’s process is simple and completely self-contained. It will give you everything you need to know to go out and start having true success in the field. I can’t recommend it enough, the bonus videos alone are worth the price of admision.

Alexander~ D.C. HOTSEAT November 2012 Review

At the end of Hotseat, you'll be like, "Shit, this is just a regular guy of normal human intelligence like me who has figured out not one but several genius level, game changing ideas. And he has literally transferred his ideas, and the emotional paradigm they exist in, to my head, in TWO DAYS. Done. Wow. I just really want a picture with him right now." Seriously. Should you do the Hotseat? Do it. And don't forget to commemorate the experience so you can look back on it a long time later.

Alexander Hot Seat Miami Review

Overall, I thought Alex absolutely delivered on the event and it is more than worth the $300. By the end of this program, you will know where you are in your game, and exactly what to do in order to get yourself to Alex's level (I know I do). The one suggestion I would give to Alex would be to add a FAIL COMPILATION as a filler video between his in-field videos. Reason being, when students see someone succeeding so much (as he does in this Hot Seat) they may develop an unrealistic perception of game. I was guilty of this for the longest time before I started listening to Alex's advice on When going out and talking to girls, you're going to stumble and mess up a lot and THAT'S OK! Even in-set, you see Alex stumbling over his words and doing mis-calibrated things and then recovering from his mistakes and still getting the girl (or just moving on to the next girl). Seeing him do that with my own eyes was by far the MOST VALUBLE aspect of attending the Hot Seat to me.


His style of game is what every pickup coach around the world should teach. How to NATURALLY attract women. I was truley inspired when I saw how natural he looked while interacting with women. There was nothing he had to do or prove while he was out. He just relaxed, cleared his mind, and related as a confident man would relate to a women.

I had pretty amazing results after the Alexander Hotseat. I went on what I felt was a rampage and I am 100% satisfied with his program. I can't thank Alex enough for the lessons I learned and I give his program atleast 75-85% of the credit for the results I got in the past week. His style of game is much different from any RSD event or pickup program I've ever attended with a whole new set of beliefs and principles. I HIGHLY reccomend taking his Hotseat if theres an event in your area.

Alex got me laid. Hotseat review + Vegas Road Trip

I was ejecting early, leaving before the club closed, using physicality to insight intimacy rather than comfort, wasn't screening for the BF, and wasn't enduring tests well. I feel like, after seeing Alex's hotseat (and internalizing his lessons), I'm going to see real results.

Alex Hotseat Review, October 2013, London

Alex is a patient guy and I liked how he interacted with students, I was expecting pure demonstrations without much audience interaction. He was appreciative of student input and would often ask us what could have been done differently in his interactions to get better results.

Instead of showing 'highlights' and short sharp interactions, Alex takes you through a journey of realisation; this is great because in every interaction he shows, he will compare them to previous interactions and tell students what is different, why its better and how to make interactions better.

No major cons, Sunday ran a bit late but the jubilee line swallowed too much excrement or something so TFL cancelled a few trains.

A few attendees asked some irrelevant questions or would express concern when something wasn't in the holy game bible, if there is such thing haha..

All in all I got my moneys worth and some more, met some smashing blokes and managed to pull wednesday night, which was a touch.

my mind has been blown

Alexander's London Hotseat literally restored my faith in humanity...

If you haven’t been to Alex’s Hotseat; go to Alex’s Hotseat.

Simply put; he teaches that it is (more than) *okay* to be a nice, solid, super-sociable guy, but with an edge (the dark reality of game harhar).

Friendly but with mystique and intrigue.

Leading but with subtle manipulation and frame control.

Sexually demanding but innocent.

I was heartened by the end of it to reflect that my game is pretty much there and always was.

What I did learn though; those couple of points are ‘game changers’ for me. I can’t wait for Alex’s next iteration of the Hotseat where he will delve more into ‘passive’ and ‘active’ shit-tests. Awesomeness.

It was like someone threw a bucket of paint at my head and whitewashed away all those years of pickup theory (bye bye Annihilation Method. So long The Cube (lol!!). Adios curious diagrams and flow-charts of Comfort Level 3 etc etc).

More importantly though Alex restored my faith in human nature. It’s okay to be super-friendly and take the girl on an emotional adventure.

You just don’t have to spit in her face when you do it.

Bravo Alex, bravo.

Alex hotseat. London october 5th - Review

I would decscribe Alexs game as "Normal guy" game. It was great to watch. He was just very normal and chilled out. But at the same time knew how to escalate. I remember watching him talk to a girl in the 2012 video and after speaking to her for 15-20 minutes they started making out with each other... I remember thinking it was just very NORMAL for the make out to happen and there was no gamey stuff involved. No forceful make outs or jedi mind tricks.

ALEX Hotseat Review - Unimpressively Impressive

Honestly, I was thinking of getting my money back on the second day of the event. I was already formulating a letter to RSD support in my mind telling that I love RSD products, but this one just wasn't for me and I didn't feel it was worth $300. That was until everything clicked 4 days later and I pulled a stunner from a club using Alex's stuff. One of the hottest girls I've had and easiest (in terms of effort) pulls. LOL, I even showed her to Alex himself who happened to be at the bar as I was going out.. He seemed to heartily approve even though she wasn't a blonde.. :P It is amazing how little game you actually need to pull.

Alex Hotseat Prague 2013 - Best $300 you could ever spend

I went on a little euro trip and decided to go see a second Alex hotseat. Best descision of my life. Between the free tour and hotseat itself I could have pulled 3 times if I were at a hotel not hostel. The most golden rule you can ever learn is to "Leave the club with the girls" and insist to walk them home, sounded retarded and feels creepy at first, but damn that shit always seems to work out.

This won't be a mega detailed review of the structure of the hotseat because there's plenty of those, but how it transformed my life.

Alex teaches awesome mindsets that puts you at ease with game, rather than making you a hypey juped up "game guy" that must approach fast, do crazy shit and be a weird mother fucker.

You simply need to enjoy the moment, be expressive, and stay with the girl.

Since taking the hotseat and moving back to london, every night has been mega fun and even when I don't pull I meet the most crazy fun people I never did after months of going ago, simply because my mindset was screwed. The hotseat is like the skeleton of game, a solid structure that you just need to follow, and it's up to you to slowly build the meat - the skills (verbal expression, physicality and enduring tests.)

Unrelated to game, going to the my first hotseat about 7 months ago motivated me to improve my lifestyle, find new hobbies, build a business (that's now funding my university and euro trips). Crazy how I used to be so depressed and now It's like I'm floating, "walking through the world with ease"

Alexander~ Hotseat Göteborg september 2013

Last weekend I attended Alexander Hotseat in Gothenburg. As expected it was an AWESOME experience, AWESOME to the point that it delivered me actual results the very same weekend.

I have had the opportunity to meet and go out with Alexander before, both doing a bootcamp with him a few years ago and also assisting him a couple of times since. I know that he is a person with real wisdom when it comes to meeting girls. No, Im not talking just "knowledge" about meeting girls: I mean real wisdom.

I have seen the results that he gets personally and the realizations he makes when giving feedback and analyzing situations is..yeah it might be unmatched among the other instructors.

And a big part of going to Alex hotseat is that you will get two days of seeing his personality and his vibe and his sense of humor and that is really cool. That together with the videos gives a great picture of what good game really is.

So all in all: you will get serious amounts of high quality video material where you will be guaranteed to recognize parts of interactions where your own sticking points will be and you will automatically see how to handle it. You will see your own limitations of what's possible being pushed. You will probably have a great weekend with many like minded cool people.

Alexander~ Madness in AMSTERDAM - BOOTCAMP AND HOTSEAT - Don't read if you want to stay in Intermediate Purgatory!

The quality of the editing is on a level never seen before. With motion stablilisation you can see the people pretty clear. Also you can see at all times on the screen (via text) if he's expressing pos./neg. emotions, physically escalates or the girl gives him a test. You can also see the city, month, weekday, time of the night and time in the interaction. Very good to be more aware of what is happening every moment!

The videos itself are everything but spectacular. But they are all videos where he's going to pull the girl in the end. This is a big shift in my perception of the game BECAUSE IT'S NOT NECESSARY THAT IT LOOKS SPECTACULAR. Basically it's all about realizing that "you're enough", staying in set (4 times rule), expressing a range of emotions (positive and negative) and enduring her tests. That's all! Plain simple but so effective!

Alexander Hotseat, Göeteborg Sep 2013

She will wonder, whether you like her and if you find her attractive. You are talking to her after all, but you don't really care. You tell her you like her company, but then you are asking her whether she has considered starring as rabbit in a zoo, as if you really don't care what will happen to you two. Temper carefully what you give a way. Don't give her to much. Plant the seed in her head that has her thinking about whether you like her or not.

Alexanders Game is absolutely beautiful, simple and natural. It shows you that just being yourself, expressing yourself is enough, that you are enough.

Alex hotseat, Melbourne

Then I attended the hotseat and it suddenly it made perfect sense.

I went out the night of the hotseat and got the most results I ever have, with much hotter girls than usual.

There really is no reason why I'm not enough, I can try something (including reapproaching) up to 4 times, and if I'm just fucking chill and relaxed instead of intense, girls love me and comply with my physical expresisons.

The hotseat has been extremely valuable to me, I dare say it could be more valuable than a bootcamp. To see an interaction fully end-to-end is invaluable, and to see Alex's own transformation is fascinating, especially since I've experienced some mistakes he points out he used to make and it seems so silly in hindsight.

Awkward Guy gets laid on bootcamp (Review of Alex Bootcamp & Hotseat in Geneva)

First I was unsure whether to attend the hotseat, somehow I was unsure of the value of the program but it turned out to be in fact massively valuable to me!

All I can say is: Marlin got me laid that night! (If you saw the hotseat you know what I mean ;-) ). I was able to apply the concepts presented that same night and got great results from it.

Alexander Hotseat "Varma stolen" 2013 STHLM REVIEW

The hotseat itself is very nicely done. You get to see the interactions with good sound and decent video, and hear Alex talk about the most important points. And repeat them. A LOT. Thats a good thing though. The simplicity makes it usable in field and makes it easy to really drill in.

My favourite part was the "color-coded" little notes in the videos though. In the left corner P, N, T and P.E is shown at certain times.

These mean positive expression, negative expression and physical expression as well as tests. By drilling these in, seeing them in certain situations
and really getting to see the structure of the interaction as well as the interaction on video, you cant really fail to get the lessons being taught.

If you are tired of theory-jerking, want a few good principles, and get to see how its ACTUALLY done IRL, take the hotseat!

Alexander hotseat 6.-7.7 Helsinki CHANGED MY GAME EPIC

Dont be smooth, be full retarded, have fun, be crazy

Hotseat was worth every penny!

Thank you Alex! I tried your method and it worked, it was fucking crazy, now I know what "Relaxed arousal" finally means.

After Alex Hot Seat - success !!

been to the Alex Hot seat in Sydney last month and props to him an amazing in-field video footage and step by step description of what was going on throughout the interaction, in the first day I went out I really saw a BIG jump in my game and attitude just beginning to internalize

Toronto Alexander Freetour and Hotseat Review

To be honest some of the most shocking shit was the fact that Alexander's game wasn't over the top or flashy but rather simple and retarded. He would just talk foolishness with the girl with both negative and positive expressions mixed in and would add a little physicality here and there to spice it up with the sole goal of leaving the venue with her. Not to fuck her but just to leave the venue with her. Which was a interesting change of pace.

I could go on and on but I'll stop here. I would recommend anyone looking to get to that next step in their game to take the Alexander Hotseat. Trust me you won't be disappointed.

Alexander Hotseat Review - Vancouver - April 13th 2013

If I had to pick one word to describe Alex's hot seat I would pick LIBERATING. If I were to pick a few I would say it was a surreal experience, like a dream.

I have had so many ideas and so much information floating in my head from years of doing this that I didn't even realize that it was messing me up or holding me back even.

Over the years, I'v also noticed that the longer I play the game the simpler the concepts and ideas become.

Alex really help me clear all the theory out of my head and really helped accelerate my perception of the simplicity of this game and my understanding of its beauty.

I have been to other hot seats and while they were great as well, I enjoyed this one the most.

I have often found Alex's ideas contradictory to what Iv adopted and created during the course of my journey, so some of them have been hard to let into my consciousness.

Being immersed in his world for two days, however, really helped clear everything up I had zero questions during the presentation, it just all made sense and resonated with me now that I think about it, that may have been because my brain was melting haha and I didn't realize it.

I was pleasantly surprised to find it melted when the lights came on and I stood up at the end of the second day, snapping back to reality.

As for the content, it was very well done. He picked the footage to convey the ideas he wanted to get accross, and not the ideas to convey from his best footage. This created, what seemed to me, a very powerful and immersive journey.

The guy's general vibe is awesome, I enjoyed meeting Alex.

I would highly recommend his hot seat if you get chance to go


The Alex Hotseat put you at ease with the world. You don't need obvious iois from the girl and that was fucking obvious. The shit Alex talked about, like strawberries and hair that smelled like licorice, totally random but its in the its fine zone. 'Chodey' questions like where are you from, all fine.

Great videos from open to close, hilarious lines, and that folder of hot girls was damn nice. It showed you that genuinely normal can be very attractive. What distinguishes one from another is the ability to create initiative, endure tests, how indepth and all around the #1 rule is implemented, etc. With his inner game principles that you can get the girl, its only a matter of time before you do get her if she can indeed be gotten as long as you talk, test, touch.

Besides the videos, Alex is genuinely a great guy and I don't think he ever means any serious harm so I looked up to him in that manner. He's always giving and the vibe was good. One great point he made was to never foster any hate towards someone because even the smallest bit will turn you ugly fast.

To be honest, all the theory is out there and if you see it through your own eyes instead of just reading it - by mulling over it and realizing why that theory is there (by going out) then you will be on your way to being an attractive high value guy, or on your way back to being an attractive high value guy. The logistical things can be practiced like various points of physical moves or enduring tests, and pulling, etc. But you realize that everybody has anxiety about something and its not until youve broken past the anxiety that you are comfortable with it, like pulling to a bathroom.

All in all, definitely attend the hotseat because its the whole package. For many it will be emptying your cup, so you may fill it with clean instead of dirty water.

Be a great timewaster and guard the front door ;]

Alexander RSD NYC Hotseat

Loved it. It was a mind shattering experience which changed my look at the game. I wish Alexander would come back to US, so I can take the hot seat again.

Alexander~ Copenhagen Hot Seat Review: "Overcome Being Too Good to Be Great"

Alex is like an experienced old Italian shoe maker; he REALLY knows his craft. Not only does he have the skillset, but he has teaching HOW to reach that skillset in a precise, detailed manner that reconciles exactly what needs to be reconciled for it to CLICK. He uses the right words, at the right time and damn near cuts and chews the food for you before he serves it. Without the commentary and his teaching skills, it wouldn't matter what kind of stunner he pulled, because he wouldn't be able to bridge the gap between your experience and his. But that's exactly what he does.

- This is how it's supposed to be. IMO the Natural Instincts Method entails to just be yourself and fundamentally values human life. We're all great people with our own perspective in the world. This is just about learning how to communicate and trust that inherent value better, understand that women are different from us and then take the right action to create win-win situations more consistenly. In the Hot Seat you get a very deep and wide toolbox of expression.

- If you decide to attend, watch as many of Alex's videos as possible, go out as much as possible, write down all the questions you can think of, have some goals in mind of what you want to get out of it, and if you're active and pay attention, every single doubt or question will have been put to rest.

Last but not least, the guy is a cool dude. Same as you. He teaches without an ego and with massive empathy. Go into this with an open mind and don't think you have to start saying and doing EVERYTHING he does. Focus on why he does what he does, and think about how you can take value from that and implement it in your own life. Be open to trying new things and the event will give you a lot of value. If it's a hobby of yours and something you care about, you'll enjoying meeting other guys who are trying to be better people as well and overall have a great experience. The immersion has me feeling like the Blueprint did back in the day. And I know I'm taking this momentum and going out Wednesday which is the soonest possible here in fucking cold Cuntenhagen, Douchemark. Alex can't put you on, so you don't need to rub yourself against him. But he can and he will show you how to put YOURSELF on, which is inherently a LOT better than if he was a magic doll.

You Need to go to Alex's Hot Seat

Alex starts and ends on time with his Hot Seat, he answers all questions even those that are clearly armchair, or guys maybe off the point...He'll call it out of he thinks so. He's very educational in all his answers to his perspective, without letting things go off on tangents. There are breaks, and a few funny videos so it's not a constant bombardment of pickup. It lightens the mood, keeps you interested throughout.

Full pickups are shown unlike in other hot seats. From open to close. To the time of night, time spent with the girl. Key instructional terms on the screen showing Positive, Negative Expressions, and the number of tests he gets. Things I wouldn't even think tests, but before I'd think well, that's the end, he lists as tests. Courtship. 4x rule again huge.

Another great fact. He did the videos sequentially as his game improved. From 2009 where he was very high energy, like many of us, "Game! Game! Game! Game!", to the slowly where he go to the path now. The best videos are shown on the bonus day, which he did even while sick, and it's something you NEED to see.

Alexander Hotseat Los Angeles March 16-17, 2013

If you're a beginner, this will help you. This will instill the most important axioms, the most important principles into you. You're at a great place, the start. You're a blank slate and you have no bad habits. Perfect. Quit looking to adopt bad habits. Start here with Alex's hotseat and get the good habits instilled, nay, ETCHED into your brain.

If you're intermediate, this will correct your current condition by realigning you and refocusing you into the right principles. Master these, focus on these rather than by floundering around with silly little tricks.

my awesome review of the alex hotseat/ owen and nick you're a genius for hiring this guy

Alex's Hotseat is the reason why I now pickup girls consistently. I've tried all the teachings RSD has to offer, and while other things were good, it was Alex's Hotseat that brought me from getting a girl once in a while to now consistently getting girls/great interactions/ sex/ and additionally, has improved me socially with my friends and made me more comfortable with strangers.

For this, Alex, you are the shit! Know that your teaching has greatly changed my life I thank you greatly for it! You're scientific research and development in pickup is truly impressive and you should be damn proud of it! I can't be any more sincere in my words here.

The Alex Hotseat was exactly the program I needed to vault me to the success I was looking for. Alex is a very smart dude who has made a "model" with his equations and teachings of how to be arousing to a girl to attract her. I recommend the Hotseat and all of Alex's teachings for anyone looking to get better with girls. I really do think he's the best in the field.


Alex's Game-Changing Tokyo Hot-Seat. 1 in Year Review.

What impressed me the most was showing the pick-ups from beginning to end. No bullshit, over-edited, flashy game to impress people. He just serves the raw deal, jagged edges and all, with intermittent commentary to make sure we see important details that might otherwise go completely unnoticed. Once you see what a real pickup looks like, it's much easier to reproduce. He shows the progression of his game from when he was a bit more newbishly high energy (but still pulling) to more recent stuff when he's more and refined and consistent. This makes it easier for new guys to relate while still providing valuable material for more advanced guys. He encourages everyone to think for themselves and experiment to find out what works best for each person but also gives you concrete examples of things to say and practice when you're out in the field. He also covers his entire Natural Instincts Method that gives everyone (who implements it enough in-field) a clear way to reproduce his results.

The way I see women and my relationship to them has profoundly and fundamentally changed. Again, everything he said in those videos he pretty much covered in the hot-seat but he hammered it from so many perspectives it makes a tremendous difference. Having said that, after a few more months in-field I'll probably look back at my notes and again realize how laughably little of it I actually grasped. For anyone thinking of signing up for the hot-seat I strongly recommend you take the bonus material seriously. I know it's time consuming to watch it all, but I'm sure it was time consuming to make. Take notes and watching everything more than once. Most importantly, for every hour you spend watching the material, spend a couple hours actually DOING IT in-field. Trust me, you will get so much more out of the hot-seat when you recall that blazing hottie you lost because you didn't do this or did too much of that. I guarantee It will be a completely different experience.

I've been so impressed with the progress I've been able to make directly thanks to Alex I've decided to take my second boot camp with him in a few months.

I didn't realize it at the time, but starting with the hot-seat last year, for the first time since I discovered the community, I feel like I see a crystal clear path on how to become the man I know I have the potential to be. I've always had faith that if I keep going out and approaching and following what I've learned it would work out in the end. However, after a couple years of slow progress, set-backs, lapses, and plateaus I started to question if it would ever happen. I now see The Path, and it's fucking glorious.

Way of the fun & effortless natural - RSD's new flagship product? Alex HS REVIEWED

The "in-field" footage is something else - it has not only been enhanced and stabilised - making it much easier on the eye, it also has indicators popping up of what Alex or his partner are actually doing in the interaction on several levels. On top of that you have the location, date and time of the interaction and also a stopwatch indicating how much time has passed. This information is a great touch and puts everything into context.

No stone has gone unturned, even the way you take notes and ask questions has been thought of in advance, to minimise wastage of time and energy and maximise the learning experience. Though the event has been skilfully compressed into 1 whole day, it is jam packed with information but still taught at a comfortable pace. The production standard of the whole event, not just the in-field footage, is of 1st class quality. Christopher Nolan would be impressed.

Alex has gone all out and pulled no punches, being brutally honest with his opinions on the industry as a whole and his own development. This is a very serious and informative product. Not only does this include the in-field video footage itself, but also Alex's presentation of the seminar - which is of equal value. Additionally, there is 12(!) hours of supplementary video tutorials (has the man gone starkers!). All of this together makes a very complete study course.

The program is very well thought out. It would be very easy for a guy who has spent 6 years in this field just to slap something together and for it still to be half decent because of the level of experience he has compared to most of the population. Fortunately for the viewer this is not the case. This is a pure natural style, captured in all its glory and the closest program I have seen to how the best naturals I know actually operate. This will apply pretty much globally; you don't have to be Australian for this to work!!

So in conclusion, if you truly want to capture the essence of a natural approach, this is the manner you need to internalise. You will be presented and taught everything you need to know, have Alex available at the event to clarify any fine details, and reference material always available for review to your heart's content.

Use this as your core values, and if you want to add extra bells and whistles afterward, fine (though it really is totally unnecessary). Along the way you'll also have a tremendous amount of fun too! The Alex "Hotseat" is an exceptional piece of work, and without doubt a labour of love. She's definitely a real little beauty.

The bar has well and truly been risen. God help the guy who makes the next Hotseat!

Alexander's Copenhagen Hotseat, or: the most rewarding movie marathon you'll ever attend

great thing about Alex's videos is that they are mostly comprised of full interactions, from open to close, often including even warm-up sets and blowouts. It's not just a highlight reel of the best moments or best interactions, they often portray a whole night out, which is helps us notice how he goes through the process like we all do, and we don't have to be left wondering if he's always at his peak like some cyborg pickup superhero.

In short, I feel this event is not only worth ten-fold its price, I see it as some kind of public service that has been put out for all men and aspiring men, new and experienced. For your own sake, don't miss this opportunity.

Alexander~ Hot Seat Copenhagen: Short and Sweet Review

Night after hotseat, the hottest blonde in the place was smiling and friendly she was probably an 11/10, girls remembered my name. Girls were grabbing my shirt, girls got jealous. Took a girl home and did a standing 69.

It was a reset button, I feel free in game again.

I was pleasantly surprised, hadn't really heard much about alex's hotseat, I really liked that it was so focused on teaching the core points, and it did it well.

It was also pretty intense and pretty heavy, if there had been more time I would have liked to see more horse attacks and panda sex scenes.

We also started 2 hours late on the first day, because the hotel fucked up the room.

Review of Alexander~ Hotseat in Amsterdam 2013

It's a masterpiece of game education. During both days he was answering a lot of questions of the audience. In a professional way, didn't matter how stupid the question may seem. As bonus, if you sign-up for an Alexander~ hotseat, you're going to receive links to 4 videos, which explain the main skills of the Natural Instinct Method. These videos alone, together with his new Attraction Manifesto, are already that excellent that this could be an own charged product

Alexander Hotseat Review SF

is set looks very normal. He's just talking to her. A few times during the interaction he gives her a bit of physicality. He grabs her hand and leads her to the bar. So far this looks like most of my sets and most of the sets my friends run. Nothing special. She's into him. Looking at him, touching his chest, but not giving him too much. I'd like to emphasize again that so far this looks just like a normal set that I've run a million times. Now the interesting part, after about 30 mins of relaxed talking and occasional physical expression he walks out the door with her, into a taxi cab.

That was only the beginning of my mind being blown. How could a set so simple and so easy with so little physicality and nothing flashy at all result in sex? Is this what real game looks like? After seeing this I was very excited to see the hotseat

Alexander SF Hotseat Review

Alex is the real deal. Only in the last year have i become aware that there is a level of game that is so beyond what i ever thought was possible its retarded. I think what might impress noobs is flashy fireworks style game. But if you have done that for a while and are wondering why you are still going home alone going and watching alexander will bring you to where you need. Seeing him pull out infield he didnt look like some guy gaming a girl. There were not people standing around gawking at this guys incredible game. It was subtle... They looked like they came together... like they knew eachother from before and in what seemed like 20 minutes later they were out the door and in the cab. Beautiful to watch like a grand master martial artist who can end a fight before it even starts.


I personally think to an average person, you will relate to Alex's style very easily. It is simple. It is sustainable. However, if you want to be great, you will need the full toolbox. So if you can, attend every hot seat. You will learn something new from every interaction. And interestingly enough, you may actually be only ONE light bulb idea away from reaching your full potential. So GO TO A HOT SEAT.

Now, if I had to provide improvement ideas for Alex's hot seat - the format is great - the journey it takes you is great - you see how he personally evolved - this evolution is very likely what you will go through too.


I just attended Alex's Hotseat event in Austin, TX this past weekend, and I have to say, it was def worth the $300. Alex has developed a pickup paradigm that gets guys out of their heads and into the moment, and he practices what he preaches through hours and HOURS of in-field video footage which he breaks down play-by-play like a coach reviewing sports footage. I would compare this weekend and what I was able to see, hear, and learn to a mini bootcamp, and it is obvious that a tremendous amount of preparation has gone into the finished product. Net takeaway: guys, if you want to "connect some dots" and take your game to the next level, you NEED to check out Alex's Hotseat.

Alex Washington DC Hotseat Review

Pretty sweet. 5 star program. I think this is actually EXACTLY the kind of stuff I need to be going through to be getting higher quality girls.

Alexander Hot seat Review Washington DC November 10th 2012

Entire Review is great, take any line you want

Hey everyone. I attended my first hot seat this past weekend and had a great experience.

I'm not one of those people who spend hours reading RSD and learning each instructors techniques. I read in another review that Alexander's techniques clash with others. Well so what? Talking to girls isn't a linear method, just take what you like from everyone and combine it with your own expertise.


The attention to detail on most videos were amazing.
Alexander is a really chill guy. He is a talented video editor so the videos he showed us were quite good quality. He spent hours making the audio so easy to understand even though the videos were taken in extremely loud clubs. He added subtitles to a lot of his videos and even took the extra effort to add symbols in the top left corner. I can't even imagine how long this must have took. These symbols came when Alexander gave positive emotion (symbolized by a P), negative emotion (symbolized by a N) and P/E which came on screen when he did something physical. It really, REALLY, drilled into my head how to use these expressions and I love this part of the videos. He showed us a wide variety of videos from all kinds of countries. He even showed me some from Tokyo which I loved.

He showed us FULL interactions.
It literally blew my mind watching Alexander go up to girls, talk to them for a good 15 minutes while he was just smiling, amusing himself. The whole first 15 or more, I watched as girls didn't bother to restart the conversation while Alexander just talked 95% of the time. I slowly watched the girls open up and Alexander worked some more magic. It was a huge wake up call to me to stay in the interactions after seeing this because what I label as a blown set, Alexander lablel's as a great set. Since he showed up full interactions, I suppose other hot seats showed more short ones? I don't think that more is better; I liked how we spent quite some time on an interaction. Alexander would often pause and tell us to write something down or repeat something whitty he said that we can use. I wrote down many clever lines Alexander uses in a wide variety of situations. To fucking a girl in the bathroom, to statements of empathy, I have many new things to say which I don't think can make me good at game alone, but are GREAT additions.

Alexander was completely involved with the audience the whole time. I have heard sometimes other instructors are so tired, they just loop videos and sleep in the back. I would not have liked that; I like how Alexander was actually involved. He was watching his own videos, smiling, pausing and telling us to take notes, answering our questions. He would even get up and do some demonstrations. I have no clue where this guy gets his energy from, but he seems to have an endless supply of it! I understand at points it was annoying when people asked too many questions, but it really only took another 20 seconds or more and they paid the money to see it so they have the right to ask if they want. Even during breaks Alexander was talking to people or letting us go to him and ask questions. He's just a nice guy.

Alexander is fucking talented
Alexander is a beast in field. Watching his interactions were really deep and his moves were carefully planned out. At the same time, since I don't study RSD TOO much, I still greatly benefited from it. It was just me, an average guy, watching some guy who knows how to talk to girls. I understood why he did things like statements of empathy and negative expressions. I had never heard of these terms before and now I understand them so well, just by watching what he did. If you have a brain and even didn't study before, you can easily figure out what he means by watching what he does. But Alexander even spent a quick 30 seconds explaining the concepts and by day two, I knew them inside and out. I don't think you can find someone better than Alexander at this shit.

It was just really fun
I don't know about you, but I can't sit in a room for a good 8-9 hours, taking notes and keep focus. But Alexander made the experience interactive and fun. He said some lines that were funny as hell in his video and the whole room would break out and laugh. He showed up some cool short videos of his and his friend and some hilarious amoging videos. I don't know, I just feel more adventurous after meeting Alexander because I've never met someone as crazy as him.

What Alexander can improve on
I thought this whole ordeal was done extremely well, given it was his first hot seat ever. Some of the videos weren't fully edited, like missing audio enhancement or subtitles at parts. I'm sure by the time he comes to your city, they will be done. It didn't take a whole lot out of the experience though. A lot of videos were from Europe. HE DID show us videos from America, but majority from Europe. I think the skills are similar in each region, but different things to appeal to European girls. And sometimes English was not there first language (like in Finland), but the girls still spoke quite well Sometimes Alexander would show us interactions that went by great, but they amounted to nothing. I don't know if this is a bad thing, but when it amounted to nothing I was just like "oh" I would have liked to see a rejection compilation at some point. HE DID show us some rejections and they were pretty rough haha, so that was nice to see that he's not perfect in field I don't think his style of game fits everyone. If you are an annoying, talkative, loud mouth then it will be perfect for you. If you lack decent communication skills, I think you should work on that first if you really want what you learned from Alexander to benefit you.

Final Thoughts
I really can't think of anything else negative. I personally highly recommend the whole thing and I had an amazing weekend learning from him. It was great to see someone so talented in the field breaking down why he is doing such and such. I learned some handy in field moves by watching Alexander and seeing how to use them. I embraced new concepts I learned from watching his videos and I feel great that I know them. I loved seeing Alexander's verbal diarrhea when he started interactions and slowly watch as the girl first went from "Who the hell is this crocodile hunter wannabe?" to "Omg Alexander stick it in me raw!" Lol. OH YEAH, make sure to attend the "Bonus day" because it is really just a continutation of day

Alexander~ Hot~Seat Singapore The Best Review possible + Notes

Alexander's Hotseat is essentially a guided tour of the intimate contours of his 'Game', his mindsets, beliefs, working concepts.

I initially put off writing this because I don't trust myself to do it justice - I don't want to sound too much like a fanboy writing a marketing pitch, nor do I want to be too analytical and distant from the whole event which would read too dry and impersonal to resonate with anyone who might come from a similar headspace as I. But I'll grit hard and do it anyway, because I feel I owe Alex so much at least.

Thanks to him, I've derived a more accurate understanding of 'game' than I would have otherwise obtained from a dizzying array of different sources, all of which lend out their soundbites like spare change to the desperate public, many of them new like me, and with an inaccurate, maybe a tad fantastical notion of game that would sabotage them fundamentally and prevent them from taking positive steps in any direction.

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